in crossroads.

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can’t seem to stop weighing my options. going back and forth.  i can’t seem to decide of i want a




a house is a good financial option, but i can’t seem to find a place that i want to buy into. the car on the other had is a bad financial but i just can’t seem to shake my thirst for a modding. i intend to keep my sxt for as long as it will run. but i want more and it’s in the srt4.

someone help me out…


trouble @ guu

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so last week my cousins and i went to guu for dinner. catch up, gossip, whatever. a 600 dinner quickly turned into a 1 hour wait for seats. but who’s complaining anyways. i love


the food @ guu i don’t mind waiting… as much. about 3/4 into our meal, a worker shouted out for our attention. turns out a watermain broke and they had to stop taking orders. lucky for us, we got all of our food, but we looked over to some people who had waited the 1 hour and had to leave without eating.

bar seats, watching the chefs in action. for 4 people, we ordered 10 dishes. even though the wait times are crazy, i still highly recommand this place. i only hope when i go to vancouver the wait times for any of the guu places there will be substantially shorter


398 church st. toronto, ontario. 416-977-0999


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canada finally wins gold i was jumping the whole time. i couldn’t believe it when the states scored with 24.4 seconds left in the 3rd. but canada was able to pull through in the end. if you guys missed it, and i AM shaking my head at you if you did, it was crosby on a feed by iginla that finally did it. it


all of


i loved watching ppl celebrating in the streets. i loved how the whole nation, as one, cheered our great country on. we are a nation of immigrants. if you walk through any large city in canada you’ll notice people of all different backgrounds. and sometimes these immigrants don’t let canada into their hearts. they don’t think of canada as their home country and some even despise us. but i think at this moment, everyone in canada can be proud of all their accomplishments.

go canada go!

new laptop!

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it has been a long time coming. my beloved dell has met it’s last day. all that is left to do is try and savage some files and transfer it. it just so happens that a hp laptop was onsale at bestbuy. it was only 549cdn and it meets my every need. which is mostly browsing the web, downloading, and watching some videos.

and because i bought a new laptop, it’s only fair for my lappy that i buy a brand spanking new laptop bag for it. i ordered the all the kings men laptop messenger book that i have written about previously. i bought the green one and hopefully i will get it soon, but unfortunately i have a feeling that it will be the full 14 days.

the other exciting news? i will be making a trip to vancouver again in may, this time with the whole family. a full week of just getting back together. then in june, a roadtrip to gettysburg for a couple days of love for my car. follow that up with another annual roadtrip to the d.c. area. hopefully somewhere in there i will be able to squeeze in some camping time. what are your plans? have you started yet?

time to sit back, enjoy the last day of the olympics. i’ve spent the whole two weeks and then some watching the games every night. what a wonderful feeling. i’m sad that it’s all over now. to remember, i will be purchasing the blu-ray collection. go canada go! we’re going for gold tomorrow.

rub rub rub…

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new power steering pump installed but the noise is louder than before! and it’s happening everytime. the dealer says, it’s new, so the noise is to be expected, drive it for another week and see if it goes away…

this year i will not get to spend my niece’s bday with her. at first i thought i would be able to, but it turns out there are a total of 5 rns on vacation or mat leave during that week. who did that schedule? i sent her the bday gifts already and i can’t wait to see her open them!

i’m excited for a new hbo mini-series from the producers of band of brothers named the pacific. it follows the lives of soldiers as they fight against the japanese empire. i love band of brothers and expectations are high for the pacific. another thing is that maybe, just once, the west will produce a show/movie that shows just how much destruction that the japanese did to countries in asia and how absurd and crazy it is that they still refuse to apologize for it. for those that don’t understand what the big deal is about, imagine if germany did not acknowledge or apologize for the holocaust and to make things worse, the whole world has sympathy for nazi germany’s defeat. ya, that’s how some chinese ppl feel about the whole situation. the west has fixated their sympathies on japan and have completely ignored the true victims… all those countries and ppl that the japanese empire killed, tortured, and raped.

for now? i’m feel a cold or something coming on and it feels like shit already.

picture updates.

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what’s been going on lately? hmmm, a feel new purchases.

i’ve been looking for something for my sony ericsson x1. i found it at hard graft. the u phone case fits the x1 snuggly and has an outer pocket made of leather to hold some money or even credit cards. although the option that i chose was a x1, but i strongly think that it is actually for the itouch. another gear from hard graft is BASE card case, which i bought for my brother.
the last case is actually one that i have had since my trip to asia in the summer of 09. it’s from head porter. i bought it from clot’s juice store in hong kong. i’ve been using it to hold my itouch.
because the u phone case is such a tight fit for my x1, i’ve actually used it for the itouch and am using the head porter one for my x1

next up, a few books that i am reading. i know, i know, two ww2 books? and one that’s set in ww2 time? i haven’t gotten through all of them yet, but i’m really enjoying the read so far.

awhile back, i bought a leather bound journal book from remedy.

i love the feel of the journal and have been writing in it ever since i bought it. i’ve started numerous journals throughout the years, but haven’t had a lot that have stuck with me. this ones seems to be the one.

last but not least, i’ve finally bought some dvd wall shelves to house some of the dvds that i have bought over the years. i bought them from ikea and they costed something like 8 cdn each. they’re easy to install and now i don’t have the problem of having the fish through dvds like before, everything is organized and easily accessible.

i’ve also received some good news yesterday concerning two of my cousins. one is getting married this year and another is expecting a bouncing new baby! congrats to them!
it is almost chinese new year and i am working very hard to try and make it over to vancouver around that time this year. 12 is the opening night of the vancouver winter olympic games, 13 is my niece’s bday, 14 is chinese new year! whew! what a cluster of 3 great days!
the only downer these couple of days is from my car. someone dinged my car in the parking lot and now i have both bumper to repaint come spring. price? 750cdn. and the front end rubbing/grinding noise is still there. someone thinks it’s the power steering pump, but don’t know if this will be covered by the warranty… and neither does the service consultant.

guu in toronto (and then some more thoughts)

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tonight was the second night that i tried guu and had completely different food from the first time. the first time i was there it was on a monday night at 830 and it was a 1 hr wait for 2 people. the food was great! tonight it wasn’t as busy. the food was still good, but the shouting and yelling was getting to me after being there for 2 hours. but i still recommand that you try this place if you are in either toronto or vancouver and for you to venture out of your comfort. it’s easy to go for the fried chicken…

it is FREEZING. my feet are frozen. i think i might need some winter gear. at least some shirts because everything i own is either a dress shirt or a t shirt. not very useful, but i always layer with a hoodie, then a jacket. that’s really the way to do it. i don’t agree with the one top and a heavy winter coat. i’ve always found that to not work for me, but ever since i’ve started to layer and bought a burton coat, it has kept me nice and warm. the only problem is… pants and my poor feet. frozen solid!

someone once asked me why i like watching shows/movies about ww1 and 2. they thought it’s because i like violence. that’s not what it is that i like about it. something like that will never happen again. trench fighting, foxholes… everything will be about dropping the biggest bombs. it’s how in a time where travel was so expansive and hard, pictures and videos were so few, these group of boys and men went across the ocean onto a continent that they have never been to. sometimes i try to imagine what it would’ve been like to be one of them. seriously, close your eyes one day and think about it. you’re fighthing for your life, for the lives of your fellow soldiers/comrades, you’re fighting to liberate countries. this is your first time out of canada, your first time walking through the streets of europe and the first impression is of quiet towns and villages that have been bombed. what it must have felt like to walk for kilometres and come upon a deserted town. unreal. i like the i’ll do anything for the person standing next to me in the trench. these people went throughout the world and died to keep us safe. if only they knew that 60, 70 years later canadians are killing each other through “gang war”. there are more law abidding citizens than there are criminals. if we could all stand up and say “no! we will not stand for this violence. we will not stand by while you litter the streets with drugs, crime and spreading hatred.” i am certain that we can rid the city of these gangsters. if canadian soldiers went all the way to europe and asia to fight and win the war, we can do our part to fight for our country.